Unit 10附加疑问句的讲解
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Unit 10 It’s a nice day, isn’t it?
一.    反意疑问句
Eg: Mary likes reading,doesn’t she? 玛丽喜欢读书,是吧?
Mary doesn’t like reading,does she? 玛丽不喜欢读书,是吧?
You’re a new student,aren’t you? 你是新来的学生,对吧?
You aren’t a new student,are you? 你不是新来的,对吧?
You haven’t seen that film,have you? 你没有看过那部电影,是吗?
He can swim,can’t he? 他会游泳,对吗?
2. 如果陈述部分包含no,never,hardly,few,little等否定词,简短问句部分应用肯定形式。
You have no time on Monday,do you? 星期一你没有时间,是吗?
They can hardly imagine how beautiful she is,can they?
3. 陈述句部分是there be句型时,简短问句部分也用there be。
There are some people in the room,aren’t there?
4. 在英语口语中,I am后面的简短问句用aren't I?
I’m late,aren’t I?  我迟到了,是吗?
5. 当陈述句部分含有否定词如nothing,nobody等不定代词时,简短问句部分应用肯定结构。为避免重复,用代词it来代替nothing;用they或he来代替nobody。
Everything goes well,doesn’t it?   一切顺利,是吗?
Everyone is here,aren’t they?
6. 祈使句后面的简短问句使用 will you?         
 Give me a pen,will you?   请给我一支笔。
Open the door,will you?   请打开门好吗?
但是,在以let’s开头的祈使句之后,附加疑问部分用shall we。
Let’s go out to play soccer, shall we?
Let’s have a rest, shall we?
以let us开头的祈使句,含义是allow us,不包括听话人在内,因此反意疑问句的附加部分用will you。
Let us stop now, will you?
Let us have a look at your book, will you?
注意: 在回答反意疑问句的问题时,如果回答是肯定的,要用yes,否定的要用no.
This isn’t yours,is it?  这不是你的,是吗?
Yes,it is. 不,是我的。 No,it isn’t. 对,不是我的。
She is a beautiful girl, isn’t she? 她是个漂亮的姑娘,不是吗?
Yes, she is.     是的,她是。 No, she isn’t. 不,她不是。
You don’t like onions, do you?       你不喜欢洋葱,是吗?
Yes, I do.       不,我喜欢。 No, I don’t.    是的,我不喜欢。
1. Mary has to go home now, ___________ ?
2. That’s your twin brother, ___________ ?
3 There’s nothing wrong, ___________ ?
4. Jack had a talk with his father, ___________ ?
5. Give me a hand, ___________ ?
7. He was cleaning his house all day yesterday, ___________ ?
8. Nothing can stop us now, ___________ ?
9. Anyone can go to the party, ___________ ?
10.I am not the one you’re thinking about, ___________ ??
11.Let’s go camping, ___________ ?
12.You didn’t find out who did it, ___________ ?
13.Emily never stays out late, ___________ ?
14.It’s a nice day,____________? Yes, it is. No,it isn’t.
15.He’s a really good man,_______ ? Yes,he is. No,he isn’t
16.The train is never late,____________?
17.Jim often does his homework after dinner,_________?
18.It rained last night,__________?
19.Lucy and lily are twins,__________?
20.There are many people in the hall,_________?


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